Open Positions

Rotation students

The Saunders lab is looking for our first graduate student! Due to Scott's status as a Distinguished Fellow, any grad student would be officially co-mentored by Scott and another faculty member. In particular, Kim Reynolds and Kevin Forsberg are likely co-mentors for which joint research projects are already taking shape. Other co-mentors could be possible under the right circumstances. If you are a rotation student and interested in our work, please do not hesitate to email Scott. He will be happy to talk and buy you a coffee!

Postdoctoral fellows, Technicians & Interns

The Saunders lab is always open to hearing from excellent candidates at all levels! Postdoc, technician, and internship positions are possible. To inquire about these positions, email Scott your CV, a few sentences about why you are interested in joining the lab, and a sentence about your career goals.