ORBIT Resources

Welcome to the Saunders lab ORBIT help page! We hope to use these pages to educate users and answer common questions. Please let us know if you have any feedback on this project. Please feel free to email me (scott.saunders@utsouthwestern.edu) or fill out this form.


-Scott Saunders

A full break down of how ORBIT works for genetics.

Web accessible and downloadable versions of the essential methods.

Instructions for designing targeting oligos and link to app.

Instructions for designing integrating plasmids and checking recombinants.

A running list of the most common issues.

Manuscript Links

This paper describes ORBIT for E. coli and some demonstrations of how to apply this genetic toolkit.

The github repo serves as a supplement to the manuscript and contains code, raw data and computationally generated figure panels. There are also helpful supplemental files such as plasmid maps stored here.

The website is a wrapper for the github repo, which has links to the html versions of code notebooks.

Addgene is a nonprofit organization that distributes plasmids to academic and nonprofit institutions. We recommend you order ORBIT plasmids through Addgene to streamline the MTA and delivery process.

This "R Shiny" app faciliates the rapid design of ORBIT targeting oligos that can ordered from commercial sources.