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Research articles

F. Jiménez Otero, G.L. Chadwick, M.D. Yates, R.L. Mickol, S.H. Saunders, S.M. Glaven, J.A. Gralnick, D.K. Newman, L.M. Tender, V.J. Orphan, D.R. Bond. (2021) Evidence of streamlined extracellular electron transfer pathway from biofilm structure, metabolic stratification, and long-range electron transfer parameters, Applied and Environmental Microbiology | doi

S.H. Saunders, E.C.M. Tse, M.D. Yates, F. Jiménez Otero, S.A. Trammell, E.D.A. Stemp, J.K. Barton*, L.M. Tender*, D.K. Newman*. (2020) Extracellular DNA promotes efficient extracellular electron transfer by pyocyanin in Pseudomonas aeruginosa biofilms, Cell | doi | github repository | paper website | bioRxiv preprint 

*Corresponding authors

L.M. Tsypin, S.H. Saunders, Y. Bar-On, J.R. Leadbetter, D.K. Newman. (2020) Draft Genome Sequence of the Redox-Active Enteric Bacterium Citrobacter portucalensis Strain MBL, Microbiology Resource Announcements | doi

K.C. Costa, M. Bergkessel, S. Saunders, J. Korlach and D.K. Newman. (2015) Enzymatic degradation of phenazines can generate energy and protect sensitive organisms from toxicity, MBio | doi

Reviews and perspectives

S.H. Saunders, D.K. Newman. (2018) Extracellular Electron Transfer Transcends Microbe-Mineral Interactions, Cell Host Microbe | doi

N.R. Glasser*, S.H. Saunders*, D.K. Newman. (2017) The colorful world of extracellular electron shuttles, Annual Review of Microbiology | doi

*Co-first authors